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8 TRIGGERPOINTS of throwing mechanics. Most quarterbacks have a unique throwing style and not all have to throw the same. In fact there are three major categories of throwing style but they all require 8 fundamental points throughout the throwing process that are essential to maximize their velocity and minimize arm strain. These 8 points will be the focus of our video analysis and structure of the Development training.

8 Triggerpoints

EYE TRAINING - It is essential that players start to understand their keys - who to read and what their responsibilities are. "The game moves slowly for him" - you might have heard this phrase on television - what they are referring to is a player's ability to see the field and quickly determine how to attack it. It is great to build your "Tool Box" but you need to know what tool to use based on what you see.

Eye training

FIELD MANAGEMENT - Each position has its own responsibilities as they move about the playing surface. The ideology of what to expect is based on what the defense is predicted to do but generally players need to be aware and ready for changing philosophies. For the quarterback, this would include huddle control, formation alignment, tempo, no huddle and time out scenarios, understanding Red Zone and being Backed Up, clock management, etc.

Field Management
Football IQ

FOOTBALL IQ - Your understanding of the game will flourish with a good understanding of FIELD MANAGEMENT, PLAY STRUCTURE and EYE TRAINING. These building blocks combined with being a student of the game will develop the PROFICIENCY to being a great player.The more you know the more you can be prepared. The programs offers some eLearning concepts and blog posts discussing rules, EYE TRAINING and philosophies that will make you a better Field General

FOOTWORK - For all the offensive positions, footwork is a cornerstone to success. We develop the other BUILDING BLOCKS but it is the footwork that keeps it in place. Training our feet with proper technique and quickness will get each player in position to execute the other building blocks. The program will have an emphasis on position specific footwork focused technique, stability, power and quickness.


LEADERSHIP CONCEPTS - This is a bonus program. With the help of books by John Maxwell, I will share leadership definitions that will offer each player an explanation of leadership qualities and exercises to promote them. In a team sport like football, coaches are looking for players with great leadership characteristics. These fundamentals will continue to benefit each player after their playing days.


MAINTENANCE TRAINING - Whether in-season or training for the next it is essential that you maintain the levels of improvement from last off-season. In combination with your weight lifting program we will develop a flexibility and key muscle schedule. For quarterbacks; inparticular, we will focus on shoulder stability and proper warm up routine.


POSITIONAL MECHANICS - This is the root of most football camps but I believe it requires a one on one approach. I am not looking to train players to all throw the same but rather work with their strengths and correct their inefficiencies. Each offensive position has its own curriculum click on the following links to learn more about QB MAD, REC MAD, RB MAD, OL MAD and MAD about COACHING


PLAY STRUCTURE - As a player I was fortunate to have a coach mentor me to learn the basics of field structure and defensive strategies. This allowed me to understand route concepts, recognize defensive alignment and attack coverage schemes. Players will learn through classroom time and eLearning.

Play Structure

PROFICIENCY - a high degree of competence or skill; expertise. This is the end goal of the MAD program. We are looking to make each player, not only perform at the most efficient and effective manner, but have an aptitude for what they learned to be self correcting. I have always coached players to understand the "why" to what they are doing so that they can adapt it on game day. " Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime


SPEED, STABILITY AND SMARTS - Bigger, stronger, faster are the norms of football and should continue to be the off season focus of each athlete. Using the "3 S" program we will continue along these lines but geared to the specific position. With the use of resistant bands, core strength and Sensory Neural Integration we will maximize the player's athletism and get them thinking on their feet. 

3 s
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