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How it all began!

There is a timeline for the growth of this company and it happened fast. Initially, I created the parent company EVERYTHING FOOTBALL with the intentions of blogging and posting about my football experiences and things that I came across football related. Eventually, this company will grow to cover all the facets of the game but for now, I have received so much joy from focusing on the offensive positions. The first implementation was the QB MAD program; as a former quarterback and collegiate coach, I felt this was one area where I could help the most. In season, coaching gets very focused on strategy and less time is committed to skill development. There are multiple platforms for training but position-specific training outside of camps was limited.


Growing up in Canada, the hockey enthusiasm offered these concepts for year-round training to hockey players and I was starting to hear more football parents asking for similar avenues for their kids. Hence the start of the QB MAD program but with a twist. The intricate parts of playing football go beyond the physical skill set and need to include: strategy and Football IQ. Even as an in-season coach, I realized that the players did not have a base understanding of the defensive structure and/or field strategies. Offering them a better understanding of the game and then building on this knowledge will make them better football players and not limit them to their athleticism.


This concept caught on quickly and soon after I was being asked to spread this curriculum to other offensive positions and even coaching staffs. 


I feel that football is one of the best training grounds for an individual to grow and prepare for life. It is a demanding time and I have structured these programs to help them get the most of this opportunity and put them on a path to extend their playing career and/or stay involved in this great game.


QBMAD will allow them to Make A Difference.

I have been coaching for over 2 decades and always had a passion for learning about this game. As a player at Western University, I enjoyed great success with my teammates, with two visits to the Vanier Cup and getting to hoist the cup in 1994. Even while playing I volunteered my time as a coach at the local high schools, that is where the true enjoyment of coaching began. Being in a position to share my experiences, knowledge, and ideas with student-athletes was very fulfilling; often spending more time thinking about football than about my business career.


I continued to stay involved with football when my wife, Tracey, and I moved back to Kingston. Within one year of our return, I put together a team during a "work to rule" period so that the passionate players still had the opportunity to learn about the game. Shortly after, I joined the coaching staff at Queen's University - spending nearly a decade with coaching mainly the quarterbacks and receivers. My greatest education came in the later years as the Offensive Coordinator at Queen's University where I had the pleasure of coaching numerous players that went on to the CFL and NFL. Many of these players thanked our staff for making the transition to the professional level go smoothly.


As a player, I was always pushed to play beyond my limitations and as a coach, I have always asked my players to be a student of the game and prepared them to play at the next level. I have taken this time to build on these experiences and get a deeper understanding of the fundamentals required for each offensive position;  including spending more time on the defensive side of the ball to understand their strategies against today's complicated offenses.


I went into coaching to give back like the coaches that gave so much to me. I have so many people to thank for their mentorship of my progress as a player and now as a coach.






I am excited to have Chris join the coaching staff of QBMAD, his experiences being recruited and playing on both sides of the border will be an added resource for young QBs that want to follow his journey. Chris is the ultimate student of the game, the mastery of his mechanics lead to an unparalleled experience at university with multiple championships and winning the Hec Creighton Award as the league's Most Outstanding Player. 

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