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"Playing QB is one of the most difficult positions in sport" because of the amount of information needed to process and the sense of urgency by which it has to occur. Along with developing your throwing mechanics for efficiency, accuracy and power, we work on the intangibles that take you from throwing the football to passing it.


    Coaches are looking for QBs that can spread the ball around the field with accuracy and power. As you progress through every level of football the timing of your release becomes more crucial.

    With QBMAD, we will build the proper kinetic chain, add rotational power and teach you the factors that effect your accuracy. This information is not available to everyone and few have studied it in the same detail. 


    Your throwing arm is your "money maker" so you need to take care of it. The Arm Care Program focuses on the Mobility, Flexibility and Strengthening of an overhead athlete. Not only does it keep your arm healthy but will make immediate impact on your throwing power.


    The success of a QB goes beyong their arm talent, they need to be able to read defenses, take what they are given, manage game time decisions and lead your teammates. These are just a few of the intangibles to be a great QB. Quick SNIPPETS of content, related to the QB position, will be posted in the COACHNOW app. The idea is to give you advanced learning to bridge the gap between competitive levels so that you can compete at your highest level.


    Everything starts with an Assessment. 

    Using the Coachnow app, we can video tape your throwing motion at various angles (protocol available) and they will automaticlly upload into your account.

    I will analyze your technique based on movement efficiency, accuracy, release time and power generation. Back through the app, you will receive video files diagramming the adjustments with voice recording to elaborate.


    The COACHNOW app is an interactive platform that has allowed QBMAD to go online. Each player gets their own online account to share videos, documents and various other file formats. This allows the player to have regular contact with their coach. Communication is private and constant interaction is encouraged. 

    The app is also used for scheduling upcoming Field Sessions. Parents and coaches can be added to the players account to help reiteraite coaching points at practice or in the backyard.


    Still under construction - we are developing a weekend camp that will offer QBs a unique opportunity to get advanced training from the coaches of QBMAD. This will be an in-depth 3 days of professinal and comprehensive coaching. Additional costs, locations and dates are be calculated.

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