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The ELITE Program builds off the PASSING PROGRAM and adds the benefits of your own Strength Coach with a QB specific training program (available online).


    QBMAD expanded to include a specific strength training program for QBs because most weigth training pograms (at all levels) are not designed for overhead athletes. To optimize your throwing mechanics and build a healthy arm you should be working with a program designed for you. Strength Coach, Josh Gillam, will assess your current level of training then design an online program that he and QBMAD will monitor. His training app is associated to the highest levels of NCAA fitness and are accessible on your phone. Simply open the app and follow the workout and record your progress. I am not aware of any other program that offers this specific of a plan for quarterbacks.

    The plan will be developed to work with your timeline.


    You will receive a complete Assessment of your throwing mechanics based on body effieciency, accuracy, release time and power. This willl generate the plan to work on your adjustments with drills and exercises that you can do in your own home. 

    With the benefit of technology, you simply record yourself throwing in the Coachnow app and QBMAD will offer re-assessment and the next set of drills to perfecting your throwing mechanics.


    Still under construction - we are developing a weekend camp that will offer QBs a unique opportunity to get advanced training from the coaches of QBMAD. This will be an in-depth 3 days of professinal and comprehensive coaching. Additional costs, locations and dates are be calculated.

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