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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Keeping your coach staff on your side.

Access to information and data has never been more readily available. Introducing a whole new generation of opinions and critiques. These verbal attacks can turn from a mere "hum" to endless noise particularly if you are not having a great season. This noise will also be there, as a coach you have to isolate this from your team and keep everyone on the same page.

The first step in maintaining that solidarity is havi

One of these decisions may choose to be fatal in the outcome of the game and every member can reflect on the conversation. As a coaching staff you should revisit these scenarios at the meeting after film review and readdress and confirm what action will occur if the scenario is to rise again.

A coaching staff is another unit of the football team that needs to lead by example. Having solidarity at the top demonstrates the team concept back to the players. The message to the team, friends and the media will be consistent therefore eliminating the angle of controversy in the locker room that the media can often run with.

The list of topics to discuss can be extensive but here are a few to consider;

1) Time outs

2) "Going for it" - where on the field and when in the game you are considering trick plays, fakes, etc

3) Coin Toss - good time to review the weather conditions and special teams strategies

4) Offensive philosophy

5) Expectation of defense

6) Half time structure - where the coaches meet and who talks to the players

7) Post game ideology - win or loss what happens and when. Where you are going to go and decompress

Each and everyone of these scenario above need to be able to answer the question "Why". You might have been wrong but at least you can round table the discuss and know why you failed and how you can fix.

Winning is a process and the plan has the best chance of success when everyone is on board. When everyone can take responsibility in the successes and failures.

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